Happy Birthday, Marleigh!

Uncle Eric

Marleigh’s Lullaby

At the end of a busy day
Of playing around, just you and your doggies
Wave like a willow tree
Give a big kiss to mommy and daddy
It’s time for sleep
You will have more fun tomorrow
Embrace your dreams
Let the colors surround
And keep you safe ’til morning

If you should ever wonder
What brings magic into your world
Marleigh, it’s all inside
The light of your eyes and the love you grow
In your heart’s garden
All the seeds will rise to greet you
Where all your dreams
Can reach toward the sky from their loving bed

Your mom and dad
Will always love you more and more
They’ll hold your hand
And take you where you want to go

When you find yourself struggling
Feeling confused or a little unsure
Take hold of that willow tree
Float in the breeze and let yourself breathe
And try to sleep
It will all be here tomorrow
Trust your dreams
They’re the wishes of your pure heart