Denver Summary (Feb. 4-7)

Although I’m already closer to the end than the beginning of my time in the Bay Area of California, I wanted to put up a quick summary of my adventures last week in Denver and the surrounding area. It was incredibly cold (even for Denver) the three days I was there, but my training in Chicago’s Polar Vortex had me ready to defeat the cold.

My friend Andy was my gracious host for my time in Colorado. We have been close friends since second grade, so it was good to see him again. He has a gorgeous and friendly brown lab mix named Rafiki who served as our cheerleader during the coldest parts of our hikes.

Here are some of the highlights:

 February 5

  • Hiking around the dog park at Elk Meadows in the town of Evergreen
  • Eating a BBQ Hawaiian Pizza at Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs. I learned that putting honey on the right type of pizza crust is divine.
  • Soaking in the geothermal cave baths at Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs. It’s funny that the two times I’ve gone bathing in the nude happened the only two times I’ve ever spent time in Colorado.
  • I can recommend the Hell For Stout (Curious Orange) from Paradox Beer Company. Everything they brew is aged in an oak barrel, and this stout had a rich flavor with just a hint of citrus.

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February 6

  • Hiking to Chicago Lake, in the middle of Arapaho National Forest. After a few miles of intense climbs and descents, we made it to the blustery, isolated, and frozen lake. It was stunning.
  • More pizza, this time from a new joint called Pizzeria Locale. Andy describes it as the Chipotle of pizza, and that’s a pretty accurate statement.
  • Delicious, locally-sourced cocktails at Peaks Lounge, on the 27th floor of the Denver Hyatt Regency. Andy and I enjoyed drinks last year on the 95th floor of Chicago’s Hancock Tower, and Peaks Lounge was another opportunity to enjoy a fine drink while looking down on the whole world.

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I’ll end this with a WWI poster that Andy’s roommates have hanging on their wall. It seemed appropriate to my imminent farming adventures, and I’d love to see these food rules come back into fashion.

food rules

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Lissie“Mountaintop Removal”Back to Forever
I happened to catch Lissie’s performance on Craig Ferguson last month, and her stage presence and voice were enough to make hers the only album I’ve ever purchased based on a late-night talk show performance. Her voice on this song, in particular, is as powerful as anything I’ve heard.