My First Farm: A Numerical Evaluation

I arrived at my first WWOOF farm in Howe, Indiana, yesterday afternoon. I’m planning on being here until the beginning of June, learning as much as I can about whatever work needs to be done. I’ll have a lot more information later, but here’s a quick summary of what I’ve seen and who I’ve met so far:

  • 1 farm
    • two-storey home, heated by coal-burning stove
    • greenhouse, heated by wood-burning stove
    • garage
    • hoop house
    • large vegetable garden
    • chicken house (more of a barn than a coop)
    • wood shed
    • abandoned wigwam
  • 5 people (not counting me, the only non-family member)
  • nearly 20 animals
    • 2 dogs: Teddy and Buddy
    • 5 ducks: not social enough to have names
    • 1 rooster: too proud to have a name
    • 1 hen (she may or may not be a Brahma, but she definitely has feathered feet): no name
    • 6 indoor cats: Max, Jack, Antonio, Patches, Mr. Bumble, Pixel
    • 3? outdoor cats: Bill, Bill (all the outdoor black cats are named Bill), an orange one, and possibly some others

Today, in between rain showers, I helped cut up a dead mulberry tree and carry the logs, by sled, to the wood shed. The greenhouse needs to be kept warm during the still-freezing nights. There are seedlings of all kinds of herbs, tomatoes, kale, and other species that need to be transplanted tomorrow.

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