What’s All This, Then?

Over the past few months, I’ve been telling the people in my life about my plans to move out, downsize my belongings, and head to a farm. Somewhat to my surprise, everyone’s been very supportive of the idea. People have told me how excited they are for what I’m doing, and many have said they wish they could do the same thing. It puts me in a positive frame of mind to have this positive energy coming my way.

For instance, my roommates in Chicago were excited (for me, I think) when I announced that I’d be moving out for this adventure. Many of the potential new roommates who came to see the place expressed the same excitement. Some were even familiar with the WWOOF organization.

On one of my last nights in town, my roommate and I took a taxi. As we were discussing the end of an era and how different life would be on the farm, the taxi driver mentioned that his brother has a ranch out in the country that is “so much better than the city.” He offered plenty of advice and good wishes.

I wanted to create a single post explaining all the reasons why I’m becoming a farmer for the foreseeable future to everyone who has been so gracious with their support. Suffice it to say, it’s been tough condensing the whole of this adventure into a reasonable length.

Instead, as I begin my initial travels out west, I’ll be writing up a short series of posts detailing the reasoning behind my decision. My elevator pitch for why I’m going farming is here:

  • I can.
  • It’s been on my mind for about a decade.
  • This is my Big Adventure.
  • Environmentally-responsible agriculture and lifestyles are growing in the public eye.
  • I want to prove it’s possible, enjoyable, and healthy.
  • This may lay the groundwork for my future.

Over the next few days, I’ll write a bit about each of these points in more detail. In the meantime, it’s time to watch some football.

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