Where I’m Going (February Edition)

Yesterday I moved out of my Chicago apartment. I don’t know if that’s sunk in for me yet. It still feels like a quick weekend visit back to my parents’, only all of my stuff is here, too.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that there’s still so much traveling on the docket. First up is a trip to the West Coast over the course of February. I did a similar month-long journey out west last year in February to visit friends and explore, and it just seemed right to do the same this year as part of my transition from city life and stability to farming and adventure.

I’ll mostly be traveling by train, though there’s one plane trip and a bus circuit thrown in the mix. I’ll be posting regularly while I’m on the journey, but here’s a rough itinerary of where I’ll be for the next month or so.

Feb. 4-6: Denver, CO
Feb. 7-13: Santa Rosa/San Francisco/Bay Area, CA
Feb. 14-19: Portland, OR
Feb. 20-22: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Feb. 24-27: Los Angeles, CA
Mar. 1-3?: Chicago, IL (getting my bicycle fitted, tweaked, and tested w/ Ezra @ Green Machine Cycles
Mar. 4-6?: Bicycle from Chicago to Indianapolis, with potential stops in Valparaiso and Lafayette

I’ll get to some more details of the farming part of this adventure later on. It’s still over a month away, and there’s so much to do before then. Expect a post in the near future, though, that will help to explain what this is all about.

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